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  • 4カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:02:19

    People become quite illogical when they try to decide what can be eaten and what cannot be eaten. If you lived in the Mediterranean, for instance, you would consider octopus a great delicacy. You would not be able to understand why some people find it repulsive. On the other hand, your stomach would turn at the idea of frying potatoes in animal fat ー the normally accepted practice in many northern countries. The sad truth is that most of us have been brought up to eat certain foods and we stick to them all our lives.

  • 5カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:02:44

    No creature has received more praise and abuse than the common garden snail. Cooked in wine, snails are a great luxury in various parts of the world. There are countless people who, ever since their early years, have learned to associate snails with food.
    My friend, Robert, lives in a country where snails are despised. As his flat is in a large town, he has no garden of his own. For years he has been asking me to collect snails from my garden and take them to him. The idea never appealed to me very much, but one day, after a heavy shower, I happened to be walking in my garden when I noticed a huge number of snails taking a stroll on some of my prize plants. Acting on a sudden impulse, I collected several dozen, put them in a paper bag, and took them to Robert. Robert was delighted to see me and equally pleased with my little gift.

  • 6カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:02:56

    I left the bag in the hall and Robert and I went into the living room where we talked for a couple of hours. I had forgotten all about the snails when Robert suddenly said that I must stay to dinner. Snails would, of course, be the main dish. I did not fancy the idea and I reluctantly followed Robert out of the room. To our dismay, we saw that there were snails everywhere: they had escaped from the paper bag and had taken complete possession of the hall! I have never been able to look at a snail since then.

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    何が食べれて、何が食べれないかを判断するとき、私達の基準は往々にして曖昧である 地中海地域に住んいるのであれば、あなたは旨い食べ物を想像してタコを思い浮かべるでしょう。あなたは何故人々はそれに嫌悪感を抱くのかを理解できないだろう。一方で、北国が一般的に認めているポテトを動物の油で焼くことなどの習慣から嫌悪感を抱くことあります。悲しいことに、我々の多くはその土地で育った食品などを食べて成長して、そしてその暮らしに固執し続けている。カタツムリほど落差の激しい虫は存在しえないでしょう。ワインで調理をするような世界の贅沢品であり、食事といえばカタツムリという人も昔から大勢存在します。

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  • 11カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:05:04

    これねぇ、オモロイんすよ。状況も面白いしオチも決まってる。reposive とかの単語を使ったりして中々読み応えもある、ちなみにこれかんたんな方。

  • 12カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:05:41

    Some plays are so successful that they run for years on end. In many ways, this is unfortunate for the poor actors who are required to go on repeating the same lines night after night. One would expect them to know their parts by heart and never have cause to falter. Yet this is not always the case.

    A famous actor in a highly successful play was once cast in the role of an aristocrat who had been imprisoned in the Bastille for twenty years. In the last act, a gaoler would always come on to the stage with a letter which he would hand to the prisoner. Even though the noble was expected to read the letter at each performance, he always insisted that it should be written out in full.

  • 13カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:05:57

    One night, the gaoler decided to play a joke on his colleague to find out if, after so many performances, he had managed to learn the contents of the letter by heart. The curtain went up on the final act of the play and revealed the aristocrat sitting alone behind bars in his dark cell. Just then, the gaoler appeared with the precious letter in his hands. He entered the cell and presented the letter to the aristocrat. But the copy he gave him had not been written out in full as usual. It was simply a blank sheet of paper. The gaoler looked on eagerly, anxious to see if his fellow actor had at last learnt his lines. The noble stared at the blank sheet of paper for a few seconds.

  • 14カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:06:06

    Then, squinting his eyes, he said: 'The light is dim. Read the letter to me'. And he promptly handed the sheet of paper to the gaoler. Finding that he could not remember a word of the letter either, the gaoler replied: 'The light is indeed dim, sire, I must get my glasses.' With this, he hurried off the stage. Much to the aristocrat's amusement, the gaoler returned a few moments later with a pair of glasses and the usual copy of the letter which he proceeded to read to the prisoner.

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    The quiet life of the country / has never appealed to me./ City born and city bred,/ I have always regarded the country /as something you look at through a train window,/ or something you occasionally visit during the weekend./ Most of my friends live in the city,/ yet they always go into raptures/ at the mere mention of the country./ Though they extol the virtues of the peaceful life, /only one of them/ has ever gone to live in the country/ and he was back in town within six months. / Even he still lives under the illusion / that country life/ is somehow superior to town life./

  • 18カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:08:09

    He is forever talking about the friendly people, / the clean atmosphere,/ the closeness to nature / and the gentle pace of living./ Nothing can be compared, he maintains, / with the first cockcrow,/ the twittering of birds at dawn, / the sight of the rising sun / glinting on the trees and pastures./ This idyllic pastoral scene / is only part of the picture./ My friend fails to mention the long and friendless winter evenings in front of the TV/ -- virtually the only form of entertainment./ He says nothing about the poor selection of goods in the shops,/ or about those unfortunate people/ who have to travel from the country to the city every day to get to work./ Why people are prepared to tolerate / a four-hour journey each day / for the dubious privilege of living in the country / is beyond me. / They could be saved so much misery and expense / if they chose to live in the city / where they rightly belong.

  • 19カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:08:36

    If you can do without the few / pastoral pleasures of the country,/ you will find the city can provide you with the best / that life can offer. /You never have to travel miles to see your friends. /They invariably live nearby / and are always available for an informal chat / or an evening's entertainment./ Some of my acquaintances in the country / come up to town once or twice a year to visit the theatre / as a special treat. / For them / this is a major operation / which involves considerable planning./ As the play draws to its close,/ they wonder whether they will ever catch that last train home. / The city dweller / never experiences anxieties of this sort. /The latest exhibitions,/ films, or plays / are only a short bus ride away./ Shopping, too, is always a pleasure./

  • 20カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:08:45

    There is so much variety / that you never have to make do with second best./ Country people run wild when they go shopping in the city / and stagger home / loaded with as many of the exotic items as they can carry./ Nor is the city without its moments of beauty. / There is something comforting about the warm glow shed by advertisements / on cold wet winter nights./ Few things could be more impressive / than the peace/ that descends on deserted city streets at weekends / when the thousands that travel to work every day / are tucked away in their homes in the country./ It has always been a mystery to me why city dwellers,/ who appreciate all these things, / obstinately pretend / that they would prefer to live in the country.

  • 21カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:09:10


    静かな田舎の生活なんて僕には1ミリもそそらない。/ 都会生まれの都会育ちの僕は田舎なんただの電車から見る景色か、たまに週末に訪れるくらいだ。都内に住む友人たちはいまだに田舎なんぞに話を膨らませている。あいつらは落ち着いた田舎の生活を理想郷のように語っているが、一人を除いて誰も田舎に住まないし住んだやつも6ヶ月しか過ごさなかった口先だけだ。だがいまだに奴は田舎暮らしは都会を凌駕するという幻想を抱いて生きている。あいつは親しいやつらに綺麗な空気、自然とのの近さと穏やかな生活を永遠に話している。やつらは朝一の鶏の鳴き声、鳥のさえずり、日の出、輝く木々や牧草地、これらを何にも比べられない唯一無二、とほざいている。この牧歌的な田舎なりのどん臭さは良い側面にすぎない。友人はテレビだけが唯一の楽しみの長くて友達のいない孤独な冬を言い忘れてもいるし、あいつは店の品ぞろえの悪さもしくは働きに4時間行ったり来たりする苦労も黙っていた。何故奴等は毎日4時間の道のりの裏表だらけの田舎を我慢する心構えができているのだろうか理解に苦しむ。奴らがちゃんとした都市に住むことを選べる頭があったら、奴等はは多くの惨めさと費用を節約できるだろう。


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    寒くて雨の多い冬の夜の広告から流れる暖かい輝きには、何か慰めすら感じる。ほんの数個のことが、働き図目になった数千人が家の中でぐっすりしてる週末の街の通りに訪れる静かな平和よりも優れている。 こんなのをすべてを高く評価している都市在住が、なぜ田舎に住みたいと固執するのか理解不能だ。

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    Higanjima, a Japanese comic, is so successful that it ran for years on end. Most readers commented it's a "Fucking cartoon" as a compliment. It enjoyed tremendous popularity, and it is one typical work of Young Jump. Higanjima is technically a survival horror which takes place in an isolated island called "Higanjima" in which a huge number of vampires reside, and protagonist Akira and his fellow people play politics to live in hopeless circumstances…
    Originally, the author intended to make it a horror comic, but if I can use only one word to describe the work, it would have to be “Log battle comic”

  • 39カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:20:06

    It was inevitable for the comic to produce many contradictions of settings because of continuing 20 years, characters use log, torch, microscope, Torimochi, Katana, etc as weapons, so it makes mysteries status. Moreover, although Higanjima is an Isolated island, there are deep jungles, dunes, huge hospitals, churches, a five-storied pagoda, etc, so it is bigger than the biggest island in Japan, Awaji island.

  • 40カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:20:17

    And, according to the first setting, there should be very few people on the inland, but in each episode, 10 to 30 people died, which is absolutely against the setting. Another thing is, Higanjima is a fishing village, but there were countless weapons like Katana, spear, bomb, etc… Seemingly this is a gag manga. However, the story and setting are devastated and desperate. A normal person can't keep reading it if it was not a comed. This work is featured with a really nice and fast pace, so readers don't get bored, and the story is always moving. Basically, the composition of the story is easy to understand and fast like the 4-frame cartoon, it is so simple and good. I recommend this manga to those who aren't good at reading horror manga.

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    Robertは移住者じゃないだろうか? 外国の都市は移住者が多い。

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    After the nuclear war, most humans died, and some animals evolved and got more intelligence. They live on devastated land, and they aim to reproduce clean earth. This is a story from 200 years ago. Two cats, who are called Amazigh and Ange, travel to many places. They are Doctors. They walk everywhere. Today, he goes to the patient’s home who has a fracture. The patient tried to get an apple from the tree, but he fell from the tree. He is a cat, but he is old, so he got a fracture. Amazigh and Ange are walking on the roof. Ange said,” It is a funny story that a cat got a fracture!!” Ange suppressed laughter. Amazigh said “Stop it stupid cat. This is a huge problem for cats.” Ange said, “Sorry, Sorry, that’s my bad.” Amazigh said “We will arrive at the patient's home soon.

  • 66カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:57:14

    Calm down your tension.” Ange said” Gotcha” They enter the house from the veranda, and open the window. Amazigh said, “How are you doing Mr. Hank?” Hank said, ”It is good. I’m able to walk already. ” Amazigh said,” It’s good, so let’s remove Gibbs.” Ange takes out the cutter, then she starts to break Gibbs. After 5 minutes, Hank walks and jumps into the house fast. “Thank you very much, Dr, Amazigh and Ange!! It is so exciting!! ”Hank said excitedly. “No problem,” Amazigh said.

  • 67カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:57:32

    On the way home, Ange said ”I want to go to some restaurant with you, can I ? ” Amazigh said,”I can’t, because robbers prowl around here, we must leave here now.” Ange was a little disappointed but Amazigh said ”But you can eat cuisine that I make at home, let's be energy.” Ange willingly runs with Amazigh. In the home, they talk while eating fly fish. Ange asks why Amazigh started Doctor. Amazigh looks at a picture of a man with a cat. He said"My owner was a doctor who saves a lot of people, and I grew up with him. I always see him doing it. It was so attractive and great. This no-name town doesn't have a person who cures people...I thought this is my mission."

  • 68カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:57:44

    Ange said, "Why you ?" Amazigh said " I had the intelligence to become a doctor. Do you know what noblesse oblige? It is the inferred responsibility of privileged people to act with generosity and nobility toward those less privileged. This is why, and this is why I helped you too. Ange nods lying on the bed. Amazigh hangs a blanket on her body, and he sleeps too.

  • 69カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:58:16

    The next day, they go to the city to get medicine and tools. Ange gets excited the first time. It is smaller than a human's town, but it is sufficient to surprise Ange. There are many animals. Cat, dog, deer, bird etc... She said "You came here many times? really? It is so exciting!! I want to go look around!!" Amazigh said "OK OK, but it is after shopping" Amazigh think I'm glad I brought you. They went to the boulevard, alley, and more narrow road, finally, they arrived off-street. Ange said "...I think we buy the medicine and tools, right?" Amazigh said"Exactly, so we came here to meet the trader" He knocked the wall and said "Mr. Isaac, it's me," he dropped a paper of what buying on the manhole. After one second, a low voice said " ...The price is..." Amazigh dropped a lot of Actinidia. The next moment, a big bag fell from the sky. He took the bag, then said "Shopping is done, now, let's go sightseeing."

  • 70カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:58:41

    Ange is surprised at what's right in front of her eyes, but she understands this is how it is.
    They walk the shopping street while eating some sweets. They think eating sweets after work is delicious. When they are thinking about what to eat next, 3 dogs surround them. One dog said"Where are you from? We don't know who you are. What do you have in this bag? Is it dangerous?" Amazigh said "I'm a doctor, and she is my assistant. That's it" he was wary, so he didn't tell the name. The dog gazes at him. And at the time, "Hey...Mr. Are you a Dr. Amazigh?" They were surprised. Cat said"It's me, Hank. I didn't expect to meet here." The dog said, "Oh, you are Dr. Amazigh and Ange, My apologies." Another dog said, "We are a vigilante. We search for cat robberies. Please be careful, Dr and lady."

  • 71カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:58:56

    After tourism, they rest in cafes. The sky is dark, and night begins. In the shop, there are some cats, two dogs, and one bird. It is so silent. Amazigh and Ange are checking the bag. Amazigh said "Yes, it's done. We don't have any lost and found." Ange said, "Let's go home and sleep." Amazigh paid some bones to the dog clerk, and left the shop. On the roof, Ange suddenly notice forget her bag. She said "I'm sorry, I forgot my bag. I think it is on the cafe's seat, I'll be back soon." Amazigh said "Oh, wait! I go too!" But she is so fast, he lost her. He was worried about her.

  • 72カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:59:38

    After tourism, they rest in cafes. The sky is dark, and night begins. In the shop, there are some cats, two dogs, and one bird. It is so silent. Amazigh and Ange are checking the bag. Amazigh said "Yes, it's done. We don't have any lost and found." Ange said, "Let's go home and sleep." Amazigh paid some bones to the dog clerk, and left the shop. On the roof, Ange suddenly notice forget her bag. She said "I'm sorry, I forgot my bag. I think it is on the cafe's seat, I'll be back soon." Amazigh said "Oh, wait! I go too!" But she is so fast, he lost her. He was worried about her.

  • 73カナダ人21/10/20(水) 11:59:57

    She finds a bag, and goes to him, but suddenly, 4 cats close around her. One said "Hey Kitten, I am in so much trouble. I don't have any food, can you give it to me?" Ange said"...I can't hand it to you. Excuse me." Another cat said" Hey please give it to me. If you don't want to give it..." they put their hand in their pocket, and show glitter. Ange is trying to figure out the right timing of escape. The next moment, somebody said "close your eyes!!" something has fallen, and makes a big noise. Robberies look in that direction. There is a laser point, and robberies chase it. "Are you OK? Escape now harry!"

  • 74カナダ人21/10/20(水) 12:00:06

    The voice is Amazigh. Ange hugs him, and expresses gratitude. Some voices get closer. Robberies chase them. When one robber's hand touched Ange's bag, someone was poped out in front of the robber and hit them. Robberies didn't even have time to suprise. Many people attack robberies. Amazigh and Ange are surprised, and somebody comes. Man said"Are you OK? Don't you have any hurts? " Man was Hank. He said "I saw some cats following you guys after getting out of the cafe." Most cats is former-patients. They said please tell me when you are in crisis, I'll help you. After a few moments, Dog vigilante came to arrest the robbers.

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